Work at McMahon

We promise our clients that we will be innovative and responsive when delivering advanced traffic engineering solutions to their problems. We believe that if you feel challenged and supported at McMahon, you’ll deliver on our promise to clients.

We also want McMahon to be your firm of choice to establish your career. As such, we provide you with mentoring, continuing education, and leadership opportunities to assure you and our clients that you are and remain at the top of your field. 

A Place to Grow

It’s personal at McMahon, because we believe that personal commitment and strong relationships build success on all levels. At work, you will interact with our executives, who are committed to enhancing the field of engineering by mentoring you to excel in your field. At play, you’ll find a family of friends and colleagues who gather socially throughout the year.

We think work at McMahon is exciting and rewarding. If you are looking for a McMahon-style career, check us out!

Why Work at McMahon?

The average tenure of our project managers is 15 years. Almost unheard of in the industry. Why? Because we empower our employees to pursue their interests, as a Co-Op or as a senior project manager, or more. The sky is the limit. It's also, just plain great to work here. Check out our video and hear from our own staff why it's so great to work at McMahon!


Advocates for Women Engineers

‚ÄčOver 40% of McMahon's project managers are women in senior positions. In our New England region, the ratio is 50:50. From staff engineers to corporate officers, McMahon encourages our women staff to take leadership roles. 

Additionally, the women in our firm are not only employees, but a significant number are shareholders. This ownership ensures that our growth as a company, as well as in our employment of women engineering professionals, will continue to be a priority in the future.

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