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Project Manager

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Mon May 08 2017 04:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)



William Grieve, P.E., has experience in Civil Engineering in the State of Florida since 1995. Professional engineering work in the design, management, permitting, construction services, contract administration, and engineering cost estimates. The types of projects he has worked on include water mains, wastewater mains, roadway, parking lot, traffic calming, and storm water projects. His background includes Assistant City Engineer for the City of Delray Beach for 15 years. His focus at the City was primarily in house-design and project management. Most recently Mr. Grieve completed a 12-week Project Management Certificate Program at Florida Atlantic University. Prior to joining McMahon, Mr. Grieve was with the City of Delray Beach for over 17 years and Assistant City Engineer for 15 years. His focus at the City was primarily in house-design and project management for the Capital Improvement Plan. He has specific experience in municipal roadway and utility projects in residential neighborhoods with emphasis on utility (water distribution and sanitary sewer) improvements. Mr. Grieve was responsible for pre-design planning, project scheduling and budget cost estimating for City’s 2” water main upgrade program. He is familiar with regulatory agencies and the permitting process in South Florida.

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