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Jason Adams, P.E., PTOE

Associate & General Manager - Boston

Jason Adams, P.E., PTOE is an Associate and General Manager - Boston with 17 years of experience in traffic engineering and transportation planning for government/public sector and commercial/private sector clients. He has worked on all phases of traffic assessments, parking assessments and traffic impact studies from initial data collection through final report submission, including existing and future forecast analysis, capacity analysis, Synchro modeling, VISSIM modeling, and other traffic engineering tasks. He has completed peer reviews of a wide range of projects throughout Massachusetts and has worked to ensure projects fit within their given communities. Jason has experience reviewing and improving pedestrian and bicycle accommodations and has a focus on improving the safety and operation of all modes of transportation. He also has experience completing road safety audits and safety review prompt lists. His work continues to involve comprehensive and complex transportation engineering and planning projects, while he also has experience in design, research, surveys, proposal preparation, scheduling, and cost estimating. Jason has extensive experience in mitigating project impacts to area roadways and intersections and has helped to develop temporary traffic patterns to accommodate the construction of projects.