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BTD On-Call Traffic Calming Planning & Design


Boston Department of Transportation



New England



  • Highways, Streets & Structures

  • Community Transportation


  • Safety analysis

  • Traffic analysis

  • Concept design

  • Design Report

  • Construction plans

  • BTD coordination

  • Public outreach

  • Traffic calming

  • Pedestrian & bicycle accommodation

  • Christine Apicella, AICP

McMahon worked with the Boston Transportation Department (BTD) to analyze various neighborhoods in the City of Boston and determine appropriate traffic calming strategies (including raised intersections, speed humps, contraflow bike lanes, roundabouts, etc.) that could be implemented in these neighborhoods to help improve safety, slow vehicular speeds, and improve the neighborhood.

McMahon began by gathering data and preparing concepts for the potential design that were presented to the neighborhoods to gather feedback about the potential design elements. McMahon participated in the neighborhood presentations to assist in the communication of the potential design to residents of the neighborhoods.


McMahon managed design for the Mount Hope neighborhood, located approximately 1 mile south of the Forest Hills Station in Boston. Through coordination with the neighborhood and BTD, various traffic calming solutions have been proposed, including speed humps, contraflow bike lanes, curb extensions, and improved pavement markings and signage including bicycle wayfinding. 

McMahon prepared a design report and plans to be reviewed by the City of Boston Public Works Department (PWD) and BTD. A follow up meeting was held between the neighborhood, BTD, and McMahon to review the proposed design and elicit final thoughts from the neighborhood before incorporating both neighborhood and City comments into final design plans.

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