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Daggett Drive Roadway Improvements


Costco Wholesale Corporation

West Springfield


New England



  • Traffic & Parking

  • Signals & ITS


  • Traffic data collection & analysis

  • Roadway design

  • Traffic signal design

  • Pavement design

  • Pedestrian improvements

  • Right-of-way coordination

  • Construction plans & contract documents

  • MassDOT coordination

Paul Furgal, P.E., PTOE

McMahon provided transportation engineering services for proposedi mprovements on Daggett Drive and Riverdale Street (Route 5) in West Springfield. These improvements were intended to mitigate impacts of a Costco expansion project located on Daggett Drive. The project was designed using the latest MassDOT standards and approved by MassDOT for construction. Review included coordination with MassDOT Highway Division and MassDOT Traffic. In addition to utilizing the latest MassDOT standards and project coordination with MassDOT District 2 and MassDOT Highway and Traffic Divisions, the project included revising the existing adaptive traffic signal system to accommodate the new phasing and approaches. McMahon was contracted for both traffic signal and roadway design for these improvements including: signal phasing and timing at the intersections of Route 5 at Daggett Drive and Route 5 at Morgan Road; roadway widening and realignment to accommodate a new left turn movement out of Daggett Drive and a dedicated left turn lane out of Morgan Road Extension; pedestrian improvements, including approximately 2,000 feet of sidewalks; and right-of-way coordination.

McMahon was responsible for preparing construction plans and contract documents and for coordinating with the Town of West Springfield and MassDOT. This project was completed on-budget and on-schedule, and constructed in 2019.

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