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Franklin Mint Tract Redevelopment


The McKee Group

Middletown Township





  • Highway, Streets & Structures

  • Traffic & Parking


  • Data collection

  • Due diligence evaluations

  • Transportation Impact Study

  • Roadway design plans

  • Traffic signal design plans

  • Land development coordination

  • PennDOT Highway Occupancy Permitting

  • Expert witness testimony and public outreach

  • Grant application assistance

  • Stormwater design

  • Right-of-way acquisition & property owner coordination

  • Construction coordination

  • Jamie Kouch, P.E.

  • Nicole Kline-Elsier, P.E., PTOE

The Franklin Mint Tract is a large-scale redevelopment project, located along the US 1 and PA 452 corridors in Middletown Township, Delaware County in southeastern Pennsylvania. The project includes the redevelopment of three individual parcels, owned by a single entity. The mixed-use development includes a variety of detached and attached residential units, office, retail, and service land uses.


McMahon completed comprehensive traffic engineering services for the project, including preliminary assessments and due diligence evaluations during the redevelopment master planning process, the completion of transportation impact studies for the municipal land development and PennDOT review and approval processes, preparation of detailed roadway improvement, site access design, and traffic signal design and construction plans for PennDOT approval and issuance of Highway Occupancy Permits, preparation of grant applications to pursue State funding opportunities to facilitate the necessary multimodal transportation infrastructure needs, and developed an alternative transportation plan for Township and PennDOT concurrence documenting the benefits of a variety of multimodal infrastructure improvements associated with the redevelopment plan.


During the redevelopment land development and PennDOT approval processes, several other ongoing projects and initiatives within the area required significant coordination efforts, including design and construction for the new SEPTA Wawa Rail Station, design for a Township loop road at US 1 and PA 452, early design efforts for PennDOT’s US 1 and PA 352 improvement project, and planning for trail and sidewalk connections throughout this area of the Township. 

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