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Traffic Operations & ITS Open End Contract


Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission






  • Signals & ITS



  • Matt Kozsuch, P.E.

Advanced Transportation Management System Procurement Support

McMahon was responsible for the preparation of the Request for Proposal document for the design, development, and deployment of a new Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) software.  McMahon led the effort in the development of ATMS software use cases and functional requirements, as well as compiling multiple appendices to supplement the RFP. 

  • Northeast Extension Pre-Entry Dynamic Message Sign Design

McMahon led the design of 17 DMS signs that are located on PennDOT facilities in advance of Northeast Extension interchanges in PennDOT D4 and D6.  Mr. Fuller is responsible for the completion of Plans, Specifications and Estimate for this design project.  The anticipated advertisement of this project is April 2019.


  • ITS Construction Consultation Services

McMahon is the project manager for this work order responsible for reviewing and coordinating the review of all material and equipment submittals, facilitating meetings, providing on site ITS construction oversight, and supplemental construction inspection (as needed).  The project includes the construction of 24 Pre-Entry DMS signs in various locations on PennDOT facilities in advance of Mainline Turnpike interchanges.


  • Truck Parking Management System Procurement

McMahon was responsible for the completion of RFP documents for a Truck Parking Management System.  In summary, the project effort will include a study to investigate TPMS best practices around the country, followed by the development of a concept of operations for the TPMS to lead into the development of an RFP.

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