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Walk Phoenixville | Pedestrian Walkability & Accessibility Plan


Borough of Phoenixville

Borough of Phoenixville





  • Community Transportation


  • GIS-based Data Collection

  • ADA Accessibility Analysis

  • Pedestrian Facilities Planning

  • Ordinance Review

  • Public Involvement

  • Master Planning

  • John Yurick, P.E., PTOE, PTP

McMahon conducted a comprehensive evaluation to assess pedestrian accommodations throughout the entire borough. This evaluation led to the development of a pedestrian walkability and accessibility plan to address necessary policy changes, maintenance and operational issues, and needed capital improvements.

McMahon completed a thorough inventory of the 80 miles of sidewalk and over 470 intersections using a customized GIS-based data collection application. The inventory identified locations with inadequate or outdated pedestrian facilities, as well as those not in compliance with federal ADA requirements. An inventory of traffic signal equipment and operations was also performed.

In order to improve walkability and accessibility, the plan included modifications to existing municipal ordinances and policies; recommendations for accommodations of pedestrian facilities and traffic signal equipment/operations; and several specific intersection/pedestrian route improvements. The plan also prioritized key pedestrian corridors and identified potential funding sources.

The study included a public outreach component to identify key concerns of residents regarding walkability, safety, and accessibility. The outreach plan included collaboration with a steering committee, an online public walkability survey, and an interactive public workshop.

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