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Krumsville, PA | I-78

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Many engineering firms will focus on either the private sector, or the government sector. 40+ years ago McMahon originated with serving private developer needs, but over the last four decades, the firm grew to uniquely serve BOTH government clients as well as the private market. 

Expertise in both markets actually helps us serve our clients better. It gives us a unique understanding of the processes and journey of each side to get a project through to completion. 

When we are working for a large DOT or municipality, we know their process and milestone structures that will usher a project through rules and regulations, including public interaction requirements, from need identification through project opening.


Conversely, when private clients are working through a project and need expertise in working with municipalities and DOTs, we are able to provide not only design and engineering expertise for the actual, physical elements of the project, but also the critical navigation through local township and state requirements to get that project done.


This combination, along with the firm's wide array of services, makes McMahon's offering rare for the industry. Regardless of which market a client originates from, we can provide unique insight that will make the project successful. 



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