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Canton Comprehensive Master Plan


Town of Canton



New England




  • Christine Apicella, AICP

  • Traffic & Parking

  • Community Transportation

  • Assessment of existing transportation conditions

  • Development of multimodal transportation goals

  • Focus on circulation assessment

  • Short- & long-range actions to implement goals

  • Preparation of transportation element of master plan/comprehensive plan

  • Stakeholder coordination & public outreach

McMahon served as part of multi-disciplinary team to prepare the transportation element of the Town of Canton Comprehensive Master Plan. McMahon was responsible for the compilation and assessment of existing transportation data and plans, including multimodal transportation infrastructure, public transportation services, parking policies, and traffic growth trends. A multi-faceted approach was used to evaluate potential strategies to expand transportation choices, including speaking with town officials, key stakeholders, and the general public. McMahon prepared graphics for public presentations to highlight transportation issues and opportunities in town, including access to new development and off-road connections to schools.


In addition to the town-wide recommendations, McMahon completed evaluations and recommendations for two focus areas where traffic circulation and congestion were of particular concern.  A baseline report, goals and policies, and an implementation plan was developed to address community concerns and showcase opportunities for improving multimodal connections within and outside of Canton.  

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