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Hatfield Sidewalk Connects Plan


Hatfield Township

Hatfield Township






  • Anton Kuhner, P.E, PTOE

  • Traffic & Parking

  • Community Transportation

  • Comprehensive pedestrian facility inventory

  • Identification of gaps in the Township pedestrian network

  • Prioritized list of pedestrian facility solutions and implementation plan

  • Community survey and online engagement program

  • Coordination with Township's study advisory committee

Hatfield Township is nearly ten square miles in size and possesses a wide range of public amenities for its over 17,000 residents, visitors and businesses, including more than 260 acres of open space, numerous parks, multi-purpose trails and an award-winning aquatic center.  The Township is uniquely situated around the Borough of Hatfield which offers opportunities for retail shopping, dining and employment.  These amenities and features in the Hatfield area can be accessed by many places in the Delaware Valley region due to the availability of SETA regional rail and bus transportation service. 


The Hatfield Township Board of Supervisors sought to develop a plan to implement improvements for pedestrian travel for residents, visitors and employees in the Township to access these amenities and services.   The online public survey and public input mapping tool that was available through the project website proved to be valuable tools in the development of the pedestrian plan. Funding for the project was provided by WalkWorks, a PA Department of Health program developed with the University of Pittsburgh.

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