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Parking Demand & Management Studies









  • John Yurick, P.E., PTOE, PTP

  • Traffic & Parking

  • Signals & ITS

  • GIS-based data collection & parking inventory

  • Parking utilization studies

  • Parking and curbside management strategies

  • Parking policy review

  • Multimodal solutions

  • Parking wayfinding

  • Stakeholder and public engagement

Recent Municipal Clients

  • Phoenixville, PA

  • Easttown, PA (Berwyn)

  • Narberth, PA

  • Princeton, NJ

  • Lansdale, PA

  • Radnor, PA (Wayne)

McMahon has assisted several municipalities as a prime consultant, and as a subconsultant, for the preparation of numerous comprehensive parking studies.


The GIS-based parking data collection used by McMahon immediately establishes a parking database for the municipality and provides for efficient analysis of existing conditions and evaluation of future parking scenarios.

McMahon utilizes highly effective public and stakeholder outreach programs to decipher the parking data, understand perceived parking issues,  and determine appropriate solutions. These outreach programs typically include stakeholder interviews/meetings, community workshops, and online surveys.

McMahon understands that provided new parking (structured or surface) is a costly endeavor so our approach is to identify parking solutions that reduce the need for new infrastructure and considers the entire surrounding transportation network. For example, our recent parking study in Berwyn, PA identified parking recommendations to better leverage existing private parking resources, improve the pedestrian network and optimize the curbside zones, and reconfigure several streets for improved parking, traffic flow and circulation. The client was recognized by the Transportation Management Association of Chester County with their annual Sustainability Award for their planning efforts for which the parking study was a key component.

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