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SR 0054 & 642 Intersection Improvement



Valley Township






  • Jodie Evans, P.E., PTOE

  • Joe Rudy

  • Highways, Streets & Structures

  • Traffic & Parking

  • Signals & ITS

  • Traffic modeling and alternative analysis

  • Public involvement (Community Advisory Committee) and public meetings

  • Preliminary engineering

  • Pennsylvania's first dispatched left turn (DLT) intersection treatment

McMahon was selected by PennDOT District 3-0 to provide alternative analysis and design services for the improvements to the SR 54 and SR 642 (Liberty Valley and Jerseytown Roads) intersections in Valley Township, Montour County. Both SR 54 and SR 642 are critical regional routes providing access to Interstate 80, Danville Borough, as well as local destinations to the east and west of SR 54. SR 54 is a four-lane divided roadway running in an east/west direction. Liberty Valley Road (SR 642 south of SR 54) is a two-lane roadway running in an east/west direction, at the west end of the project. Jerseytown Road (SR 642 north of SR 54) is a two-lane roadway running in an east/west direction, at the east end of the project.

The purpose of the project is to develop a solution to address safety and operational issues for the SR 54 corridor between the SR 642 intersections at Liberty Valley and Jerseytown Roads. The primary considerations were improving operational safety, reducing intersection conflict points, and maintaining high levels of mobility.
After extensive public involvement and work with a Community Advisory Committee, the selected alternative will close the SR 54 and Jerseytown Road (SR 642) intersection and relocate SR 642 in order to create one signalized intersection for SR 54 and SR 642 at the existing SR 54 and Liberty Valley Road (SR 642) intersection. The newly created signalized intersection will utilize a displaced left turn lane for traffic traveling on SR 54 westbound looking to make a left onto Liberty Valley Road (SR 642) westbound.


Additional work associated with this project will include bridge widening on Liberty Valley Road over Mauses Creek and SR 54 over Mahoning Creek, Intersection improvements along Jerseytown Road, and approximately 1800 LF of relocated SR 642.

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