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Sandy Run Middle School


Upper Dublin School District

Upper Dublin Township



  • Traffic & Parking

  • Signals & ITS

  • Sandy Koza, P.E., PTOE

McMahon provided a detailed transportation impact study for the redevelopment and expansion of the Sandy Run Middle School, which included area traffic counts, parking demand observations at the school, documentation of the traffic circulation patterns under existing conditions, for the two main construction phases, and with completion of the project.

McMahon also provided design and permitting services for improvements to the adjacent signalized intersection of Limekiln Pike (S.R. 0152)/Twining Road to provide:

  • Separate left-turn lanes along both Limekiln Pike approaches and reconstruction of the channelization island in the northeast quadrant of the intersection

  • Design and permitting for the installation of a separate westbound right-turn lane into the Twining Road access

  • Provided signage upgrades to the intersection of Martin Road/Audubon Drive ot restrict parents and staff from entering the school via Audubon Drive.

Additionally, McMahon provided assistance during the construction of the intersection improvement related to change-orders for the plans. 


  • Transportation Impact Study

  • Parking demand observations

  • Design & permitting

  • Signage upgrades​


  • Provide a new middle school on the existing school parcel