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Springettsbury Transportation Plan


Springettsbury Township

Springettsbury Township



  • Traffic & Parking

  • Chris Bauer, P.E., PTOE

The Transportation Planning for Springettsbury Township is a Hybrid Plan.  In the traditional sense a Township’s Comprehensive Planning effort includes a section devoted to the Transportation Network. The issues Springettsbury Township is facing require a unique process to develop an implementable plan.  Reversing the Traditional paradigm, this unique Multimodal Transportation Plan serves as the basis of the future Township Comprehensive Planning effort.  This plan will drive future planning decisions based on how the existing transportation network can support development/redevelopment that will occur in the future.  It also a transportation plan that has evaluated how an enhanced transportation network stressing interconnectivity, multi-modalism, and access, can support development/redevelopment that will occur in the future. 

  • Transportation engineering & planning

  • Traffic simulation

  • Community involvement & public participation

  • Data collection


  • A successful Transportation Planning effort requires input from all constituents. It is important to have a robust Public Engagement Process. It is important to capture public input from constituents who are unable to attend regularly scheduled meetings, are uncomfortable in public settings to provide input, or other traditionally marginalized constituents.