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Berwyn Parking Study


Easttown Township







  • John Yurick, P.E., PTOE, PTP

  • Traffic & Parking

  • GIS-based Data Collection & Parking Inventory

  • Parking Utilization Studies

  • Parking and Curbside Management Strategies

  • Multimodal Solutions

  • Stakeholder and public involvement

McMahon conducted a comprehensive study in the Village of Berwyn and Easttown Library area to evaluate existing parking deficiencies and to develop parking solutions. The study included a parking inventory, parking utilization studies, a robust public outreach program, and parking analysis. The study recommendations integrated the community’s vision identified during their recent comprehensive planning efforts to create a complete street environment and enhance the transit-oriented village environment.

The inventory and studied parking demands  revealed ample parking, however,  much of the parking inventory is located within private lots.  Accordingly, the parking recommendations included six overarching strategies to better leverage existing private parking resources, improve the pedestrian network and optimize the curbside zones, and reconfigure several streets for improved parking, traffic flow and circulation. These strategies and subsequent action items provided sustainable solutions that offset the need for costly parking infrastructure changes and addressed the current parking issues in a holistic manner that considered the whole transportation system and all users.


An important element of the study was the public outreach component.  The outreach plan included collaboration with a steering committee, a business owner stakeholder meeting, an highly effective online public parking survey, and an interactive public workshop. This comprehensive outreach was key to understanding the underlying parking issues, particularly when the parking demand studies revealed parking surpluses on a daily basis.

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