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Capitol Hill Parking Study


Rhode Island Department of Administration (RIDOA)



New England




  • Christine Apicella, AICP

  • Community Transportation

  • Parking inventory

  • Transportation Demand Management (TDM) plan

  • Stakeholder coordination

As a subconsultant, McMahon assisted the Rhode Island Department of Administration (RIDOA) with a parking analysis and transportation demand management (TDM) plan for the Capitol Hill area in downtown Providence. The study area targeted facilities designated for use by state legislators, employees, vendors, and the general public who routinely conduct business in the area.


On-street parking, public and private off-street surface parking and public and private garage parking were examined as well as an analysis of paid-versus-free facilities. McMahon led the coordination of data collection and analysis of parking supply and utilization. McMahon developed a TDM plan as a key recommendation of the study to reduce parking demand by offering benefits and incentives for state employees to use alternative commutes. The TDM plan evaluated employee mode share to work, existing transit routes and frequency in the study area, and outlined existing TDM programs available to state employees. Recommended TDM strategies were developed based on the existing environment and options in the Capitol Hill area, and grouped based on ease of implementation: “Easy” (low cost, short-term), “Commendable” (medium cost, mid-term), and “Exemplary” (high cost, long-term capital investments).

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