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Grand Junction Multiuse Path Design


City of Cambridge



New England




  • Christine Apicella, AICP

  • Traffic & Parking

  • Community Transportation

  • Signals & ITS

  • Transit

  • Community engagement

  • Traffic signal design

  • Conceptual design development

  • Preparation of 25%, 75% and 100% Design Plans and PS&E Documents for trail crossings of roadways

The Grand Junction Multiuse Path Design Project is proposed to be an urban multi-use path running alongside the existing rail tracks of the Grand Junction Railroad corridor from the Boston University Bridge to Somerville. The project will provide a continuous linear park for residents, schoolchildren, students, commuters and visitors to walk, jog, or bicycle and will connect several neighborhoods, commercial areas, institutions and regional recreational resources such as the Charles River and the Dr. Paul Dudley White Bike Path.


As part of a multidisciplinary team, McMahon assisted the City of Cambridge staff by developing and leading public engagement activities, such as creation of a robust Public Engagement Plan, preparation of a project fact sheet, coordination with applicable agencies, and organization of visually compelling presentations for the City Manager-appointed Working Group, area stakeholders, and the broader community.


Further elements of the projects supported by McMahon include technical advisement for transportation analysis, preparation of traffic signal plans to upgrade three major intersections and install new signals at four major intersections, conceptual design to finalize alignment of the multi-use path as it relates to path crossings of seven roadways, preparing 25%, 75% and 100% design plans for the seven roadway crossings and bid phase services.

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