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Lincoln Avenue (CR 655) Corridor Improvement Study


City of Vineland







  • Dan McGinnis, P.E., PTOE

  • Highways, Streets & Structures

  • Traffic & Parking

  • Signals & ITS

  • Corridor study

  • Crash data analysis

  • Capacity analysis

  • Developed improvement alternatives

  • Concept plans

  • Cost estimates

  • Funding strategies

McMahon conducted a comprehensive traffic and road improvement study along the 3-mile stretch of the Lincoln Avenue corridor in the City of Vineland, NJ. The corridor has the third-highest accident rate per mile per the Cumberland County Transportation Plan, and certain intersections along the corridor have particularly significant crash rates. 

McMahon analyzed crash data along the corridor to identify patterns and developed countermeasures to address the safety and capacity issues, along with existing drainage deficiencies. The goal of the study was to create an effective and sustainable plan to accommodate future traffic volumes and extend the life of the traffic signal, roadway and drainage facilities, with evaluations of several improvement alternatives including:

  • Mini roundabouts

  • Traffic signals

  • Lane control modification

  • Improved pedestrian accommodations

  • Stormwater/drainage improvements

  • Flashing beacons

  • Geometric improvements

  • Optimized traffic signal timings and phasing

The project deliverables included concept plans, estimates and a capital improvement program intended to support the county in obtaining funding and implementing the improvement program. 

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