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SCTA Transit Development Plan Update


South Central Transit Authority

Berks & Lancaster Counties






  • Natasha Manbeck, P.E., AICP

  • Sandra Clarey

  • Transit

  • Transportation planning

  • Public transit fare analysis

  • Public involvement

As part of a multi-disciplinary team, McMahon completed a fare analysis and facilitated stakeholder and public involvement for a transit development plan update for the South Central Transit Authority (SCTA). Based on an evaluation of ridership data and current BARTA and RRTA transit services in Berks and Lancaster counties, the transit development plan presents recommendations to meet future demands and increase the overall use of public transit in both counties.

McMahon evaluated and compared the existing zone based fare structures for BARTA and RRTA. We identified strategies to simplify and standardize the fare structures, while maintaining or increasing ridership and revenue. We conducted a peer review of fare structures at similar regional transit agencies across the country. McMahon developed short-term and long-term recommendations regarding the fare structure and analyzed how potential changes in the structure and pricing might impact ridership, revenue, and other considerations (such as equity/Title VI).

For the public involvement component, McMahon conducted over 15 stakeholder interviews, facilitated four public meetings, developed content for the project website, and synthesized the results of the public input to shape the plan recommendations.

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