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Signal Timing Initiatives



All Regions

All Regions




  • Multiple Project Managers

  • Signals & ITS

  • Rapid field assessment of corridors

  • Permit compliance of project intersections

  • Evaluation of detection systems and existing timings

  • Travel time runs using Tru-Traffic 

  • Capacity analysis using Synchro 

Under contract with Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVPRC), in cooperation with Mercer County and the New Jersey Department of Transportation, McMahon has completed traffic signal retiming work at three (3) corridors which included 22 signalized intersections along County Routes Mercer County New Jersey. This work indicated by conducting rapid field assessments of each intersection to evaluate the existing conditions and permit compliance  and confirming of detection operation at each intersection. McMahon conducted a meeting with the project stakeholders by establishing a priority list with the County. In accordance with the process established by DVRPC, updated timing plans, including adjustments to cycle length and splits.   


Between the project meeting and implementation, field data collection activities were conducted, including peak hour turning movement counts, controller assessments and ‘before’ travel time runs.  The collected data was analyzed using traffic engineering software including Synchro™ and Tru-Traffic™.   New timing plans were developed for the corridors, and were implemented. Fine-tuning and field observations were conducted throughout implementation, resulting in minor timing changes to those initially implemented. The final timings are documented, placed in each controller and provided to the County. 

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