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Springettsbury Transportation Plan


Springettsbury Township

Springettsbury Township






  • Christopher Bauer, P.E., PTOE

  • Traffic & Parking

  • Transportation engineering & planning

  • Traffic simulation

  • Community involvement & public participation

  • Data collection

Springettsbury Township is a mature, largely developed municipality which is experiencing significant redevelopment.  As a result of this development/redevelopment pattern, the township took the prudent step of updating the Township’s Comprehensive Plan. The issues the township is facing required a unique process to develop the transportation section of the Township’s Comprehensive Plan.  


The Springettsbury Transportation Planning Study led the comprehensive planning effort and was the first section completed for the updated comprehensive plan.  In a unique approach this planning study stressed multimodal improvements over vehicular centric improvements, and evaluated how the existing transportation network could support the development/redevelopment that is envisioned to occur in the future.    This approach is a paradigm shift from the traditional practice of developing land use assumptions, forecasting the resulting traffic, and developing mitigation improvements that often are too large or costly to implement. 


This unique plan provides a transportation system that makes accommodations for all modes of travel and provides a transportation network for all users. 

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